Costa Rica YTT 2021

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

May 1-22, 2021


November 1-22, 2021

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Yoga Teacher Training & Ayurveda Immersion

The integration of Yoga and Ayurveda brings out the complete healing potential of Yoga and the complete spiritual potential of Ayurveda.


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica

November 1-22, 2021

This empowering, positively life changing program allows you to effortlessly dedicate yourself to your Ayurveda Yoga lifestyle and truly enjoy the benefits of these consistent practices; while being nourished and supported by experts in the field, a caring community and organic plant based meals prepared with love by our private chefs. This Yoga Alliance 200 hour RYS registered program is offered in an all inclusive immersion format of 22 consecutive days, beachside in the lush beauty of Costa Rica.

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The focus of this training will be how to safely practice and teach Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, meaning the fluid and purposeful integration of breath and movement, while integrating valuable threads of wisdom from the science of Ayurveda. 

You will gain a deep understanding of anatomy- both western and esoteric- proper alignment for asana including sun salutations for all levels, creative and intelligent sequencing including sequencing based on Ayurveda, how to enhance postures with hands-on adjustments, how to incorporate effective mantra, meditation and pranayama into your class, how to use props, and how to work with special populations-such as injured or prenatal students.

The program is created with a schedule to allow for unstructured free time on Sundays and a little everyday so you can rest, explore the nearby beaches (on foot or on horse), waterfalls and hiking trails, take a  surf or paddle board lesson, receive a massage; or simply relax by the pool or beach while catching up on reading and writing.

The course includes karma seva- service in action to learn more about the Costa Rican culture and it relies heavily on direct experience to help the students understand and convey the theory sustaining yoga philosophy and ethics.

This teacher training program is rich in the wisdom of classical Yoga and Ayurveda and based on the premise of deeper immersion into traditional yoga therapy and Ayurvedic health practices.

In this hands on training we will focus on the practical application of these ancient traditions as inherent synergistic healing systems. Used together they form an ideal path to total health, wellbeing and self realization for body mind and consciousness. 



Perhaps you don’t plan to teach yoga professionally, that’s OK! This immersive residential program takes you on a journey of Svadhyaya – self study or discovery. Immerse yourself in this healing and transformative experience, engulfed in the luxury of nature, silence and space. Allow yourself to receive, to just be in the moment and to be taken care of for 3 weeks to take true rest and an objective look at your life. We welcome yogis of all ages and levels.

This program is also perfect for certifying experienced and aspiring teachers and students of yoga who wish to deepen their practice and understanding of themselves, Yoga, Anatomy and Ayurveda.



* 22 days of instruction and 21 nights of all inclusive completely private luxury beachside accommodation and group ground transportation *private shuttles are extra cost

* 3 organic plant based meals a day

* Daily Ayurveda lectures, yoga practices and meditation sessions

* Vegan & Ayurveda Cooking Classes & Recipes to take home!

* A 1 hour personal Ayurvedic Consultation with Jessica

* Mentorship and personalized guidance

* Business of yoga, marketing & social media skills. Learn how to create seminars & retreats & fill them

* A safe, sacred space for you to step into your power as the most authentic and happy version of yourself

* Fun, grounding and liberating AfroDance Class to “break the ice” at the start of program

* An opportunity to live your Ayurveda & Yoga, lifestyle and ethics, with professional guidance and support

* Campfires, singing, dancing, stargazing

* Yoga Teacher Training Manual with lots of Ayurveda extras! 



May 1-22, 2021

November 1-22nd, 2021

7:00am to 3:30pm


Sundays are a rest/free day

Tuition deadlines *based on double occupancy:

Early bird registration ONLY THREE ONE!!! SPOTS AVAILABLE:  $3300 USD (investment must be paid in full to receive EB discount***)

Regular pricing thereafter: $4400 USD

Investment details:

Non-refundable deposit of $500 due upon acceptance.

Full tuition due by April 20, 2021 or October 8th, 2021 (for the respective trainings)

Payment plans available by request.



Investment Options

Hosted at LUA Villas, Costa Rica

During this yoga teacher training, you will stay at our own private beach side villas, located on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. These beautiful peaceful villas offer our students accommodation beside a pristine secluded beach in Playa Hermosa, Santa Teresa; where we will be nourished with organic local meals created with love by our own private chef.

There are limited spaces available for this intimate group training and there are only a few bedrooms available as single occupancy (for an additional cost of $1100 USD) while the other rooms offer double occupancy and all come with new linens, including towels. Housekeeping service for the rooms and laundry service for the linens is included and a laundry service for personal clothing is offered once per week (or more if needed-at a small additional cost). There are several tranquil areas on site as well as miles of jungle and beach trails for the students to hike, to practice and to enjoy their meditations. All yoga mats, blocks, yoga belts, and cushions for the students are provided.

Example Schedule (Subject to change)

07:00 Morning sadhana: yoga, meditation, pranayama and discussion of the practice
09:15 Organic breakfast
10:00 Training session
13:00 Organic lunch
15:00 Training session
18:30 Organic dinner

19:00 Evening satsang, philosophy & ethics – *sometimes we just rest.

There is 1 day off each week where you can relax, enjoy and explore nearby beaches and trails. Take surf or paddle boarding lessons, go horseback riding, get a massage or acupuncture, visit waterfalls or ziplines or simply laze by the pool. We reserve the right to adjust this schedule based on weather and other incidentals*


1. Yoga techniques & practice: understanding the La Vida Veda Ayurveda and Yoga practice

•  Principles of alignment and asana
•  Introduction to pranayama (breathing techniques)
•  Introduction to meditation techniques
•  Pratyahara and meditation as healing tools
•  Introduction to Sanskrit terminology

2. Teaching methodology: the basics of yoga instruction

•  Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting, and adjusting
•  Practice of hands-on adjustments and verbal instruction skills
•  Principles of safe and effective sequencing
•  Ayurvedic yoga sequences, and the foundational concepts of the science of Ayurveda. Vata, Pitta and Kapha balancing asana, pranayama and meditation techniques
•  Introduction to therapeutic sequencing; how to encourage balance of the doshas- the mind body constitution of the individual and any current constitutional imbalances
•  Discussion on teaching and instruction styles
•  Introduction to the basics of the business of yoga

3. Anatomy & physiology: the physical and energetic bodies

•  Physical anatomy and physiology with Jessica Kruse and doctor of Chiropractic medicine, Mike Textor
•  Introduction to connective tissue and exploration of key muscle groups and bony landmarks
•  Introduction to an Ayurvedic perspective on physical and energetic anatomy and physiology
•  Thorough introduction to the tridosha; Vata, Pitta and Kapha
•  Introduction to the energetic effects of asana and meditation
•  Introduction to bandhas, chakras, gunas, koshas, nadis, vayus
•  Introduction to the marma points of Ayurveda
•  Basic diagnostic skills according to the prakruti/vikruti paradigm of Ayurveda

4. Yoga philosophy, lifestyle, and ethics: living Yoga

•  Study and discussion of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the 8-limbed path
•  Discussion of The Hatha Yoga Pradipika
•  Discussion of Ayurveda for Self Healing
• Dinacharya and Rutucharya- the Ayurveda daily routine and seasonal lifestyle
•  Introduction to yogic nutrition, diet and with Ayurveda cooking classes

Required material: Book list
Please purchase the following yoga texts for your teaching training. *Please note that the Yoga Sutras and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika have numerous translations; the translation which is used and recommended by Jessica for the teacher training is listed below.
The Key Muscles of Yoga (Volume 1), by Ray Long
Hatha Yoga Pradipika, by Swami Muktibodhananda
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, by Swami Satchidananda
Light on Pranayama, by B.K.S. Iyengar
The Heart of Yoga, by TKV Desikachar
Ayurveda; The Science of Self Healing, by Dr. Vasant Lad
Yoga Teachers’ Toolbox by Joseph Le Page and Lilian Le Page

Supplemental reads:
The following are additional resources which we feel are a complement to your training but are not required for the program.
Prakruti, Dr. Robert Svoboda
The Anatomy of the Spirit, Dr. Caroline Myss
The Language of Yoga: Complete A to Z Guide to Asana, Names, Sanskrit Terms and Chants, Nicolai Bachman


Teacher BIOS

Lead Teacher Jessica Kruse

As an Ayurveda Practitioner and massage therapist, Jessica’s style of teaching is sourced from western and eastern anatomy, alignment and Ayurveda. Her teachings are woven with inspiration and wisdom from these sciences that helps students of yoga master their unique constitution and channel the healer and teacher within.

Ayurveda is based totally upon the knowledge of “prakruti”, the individual constitution. If every individual knows their mind-body constitution, then one can understand what is the optimal diet, lifestyle, and yoga practices for oneself to create a happy balanced life. As the lead teacher, Jessica guides you through your comprehensive yoga curriculum that she created with all her heart; including valuable Ayurveda lifestyle, nutrition and cooking classes!


Supporting Teachers

Geha Gontier, R.Ac, E-RYT

Geha has been drawn to Eastern Philosophies and meditation since being a teenager. The first yoga class she took opened the door into a world of self awareness and self knowledge that she had been looking for.

Living in different parts of the Western World she had the great fortune to study with wonderful yoga teachers, exposing her to an eclectic mixture of styles: Kali Rae, founder of Tri Yoga, Leslie Kaminoff and his focus on yoga therapy, Nancy Gilgoff, senior teacher of the Ashtanga method.

Since coming to Edmonton in 2004 she has been teaching at the Sattva School of Yoga, formerly Yoga Loft. She has been privileged to work with Rameen Peyrow and witness his development of Sattva Yoga, a balanced method of hatha yoga integrating Asana, Meditation and Pranayama to penetrate the question ‘who am I’. 

Geha is also a registered acupuncturist and the owner of Wellness on Whyte, a multi disciplinary Wellness Centre.

Geha has been teaching workshops on yoga, qi gong, lifestyle, and Oriental Medicine. For many years she has taught energetic and esoteric anatomy both in workshops and yoga teacher trainings and is currently developing an online program on the ‘Science of Energy’.

Jessica greatly admired Geha as a human and yoga teacher, when Jessica first met her and began her practice at age 15 under her and Rameen at the Yoga Loft in 2004. Destiny later brought Jessica to work alongside Geha only 6 months after she opened Wellness on Whyte and they continue as a work family and dear friends until this day. Jessica is forever grateful for Geha’s presence in her life; and she’s now honoured that Geha will be sharing her diversity and expertise in the science of energy, the art of sequencing, hands on adjustments and more, as Jessica’s main supporting teacher in La Vida Veda YTT program.

Mike Textor, D.C – Western Anatomy & Physiology

Mike Textor D.C. has been in practice since 1995, originally licensed from California, and has spent the last 10 years here in Costa Rica where he has received a licenciatura from the University of Costa Rica. Mike specializes in a treatment approach known as soft tissue mobilization, which through active movements helps to restore normal resting length of chronically shortened soft tissue (ie. tissue other than bone: muscle, tendon, connective tissue, etc.). This process can dramatically improve range of motion and reduce chronic pain. In addition, Mike utilizes diversified chiropractic manipulation, if indicated, to further restore mobility.

Now as a part of the La Vida Veda YTT program, Mike will be leading the trainees into basic anatomy knowledge needed to safely offer yoga and movement classes, embodied anatomy, structural knowledge of major joints, and much more. He has also previously been a member of the medical staff for the association of surfing professionals (ASP), the association of volleyball professionals (AVP), Long Beach Ice Dogs (IHL hockey), as well as the Ballet Pacifica in southern California. In addition to post graduate training in sports medicine, Mike has extensive experience working with athletes and those with chronic pain.

Pedro Prabhu – Head Chef & Vegan Cooking Teacher

Pedro graduated from the lnstituto Nacional de Aprendizaje de Costa Rica in 2010. Since then he has apprenticed with various master chefs in the fields of raw, vegan, gluten free and Ayurveda cuisines. His dream is to continue to learn in institutions such as el Jardin de Estudios Tropicales and then share this wisdom of using endemic plants, through the food he serves and the classes he teaches. Pedro’s nutritious meals are created with the intention to heal and go beyond satisfying your hunger; his creations nourish your body and soul, engulfing you with the essence of taste and culture.

Chef Perdro applies his extensive studies to create heathy, nutritious and delicious meals based on the principles of Ayurveda. He is an internationally recognized leader in Costa Rica, as the owner of La Botanica, educating with inspiring workshops in raw vegan cuisine, organizing community events and cooking for the students and stars as the head chef at the Imiloa Institute. With his ample experience he has a special capacity to help people with transformation and personal change and we are so grateful to have him as our head chef to nourish us during La Vida Veda Yoga Teacher Training program. 




Deposits are non-refundable always. Once the training commences, there are no refunds for the remainder of any payments for the training, only a credit towards a subsequent La Vida Veda Ayurveda and Yoga teacher training.


Info sessions are generally held prior to the commencement of each program. Please check our workshops page closer to the approaching date or contact us to find out more.


Absolutely! This La Vida Veda Ayurveda and Yoga teacher training program is designed to get you started on your teaching path. Jessica Kruse’s 200 hour program will give you the tools and the skills necessary to become a proficient Hatha Yoga teacher.  You will be able to register with the Yoga Alliance as long as you have completed the entire 200 hours.


The Yoga Alliance was formed in 1999 to recognize and promote teachers that maintain a specific standard with the Alliance. The La Vida Veda Ayurveda and Yoga School is a registered and recognized school and all graduates of the La Vida Veda Ayurveda and Yoga teacher training program are automatically eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT.


It is suggested that you have had a regular yoga practice for at least one or two years, and we always say the more experience the better. Application can be completed and submitted via our online form, we also require a reference letter with application.


To obtain your certificate you must complete 100% of the training in compliance with the the Yoga Alliance standards. At La Vida Veda Ayurveda and Yoga School we understand things come up and you might have to miss a class.

OUR POLICY FOR MAKE UP TIME: If you miss a class or weekend, in order to complete the program you will need to make up the equivalent time in a subsequent teacher training. You will not receive your certification until you have completed the make up session.


Some of the required books can be purchased at your local bookstore or studio hosting the teacher training. Many people purchase these books off; be sure to check our reading list for the correct translation of each book.

What people are saying…

The La Vida Veda Ayurveda & Yoga retreat and yoga teacher training I had with Jessica was extremely thorough and inspiring. Her genuine interest in our level of understanding each concept of Yoga and Ayurveda was never short of being fulfilled. I am so grateful I got to experience the three different environments in Costa Rica, thanks to being connected to a local, I got to truly delve into the truth of the Costa Rican Pura Vida embodiment. Being away from technology was extremely cleansing and healing. Our meals were like nothing I have experienced before, as far as beauty, taste and uniqueness, I felt like Beyonce with her personal Chef! Jessica’s expansive knowledge as a Yogi and Ayurvedic practitioner was present and illustrated every day from start to finish. She was extremely accommodating, which made being out of the country for the long period of time, a breeze. I not only left with a rested mind, a 200 hr yoga alliance approved certification and a tan (heyyy), but with a complete new outlook on my life and I have Jessica and the other women on my trip to thank for that!
I would absolutely book another experience with Jessica and the location of Costa Rica”
OM shanti shanti

Teresa Gebhardt
Yoga Teacher Training Costa Rica
Our Private Accommodations for our All Inclusive Yoga Teacher Training

A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space in this yoga teacher training program. The remaining balance is due 15-days prior to the start date of the yoga teacher training program. A full refund, minus the deposit fee will be offered for cancellations made more than 60-days prior to the start date of the yoga teacher training program. Cancellations of less than 60-days advanced notice will be refunded 50% of the yoga teacher training program fee. Refunds will not be offered on cancellations made less than 60-days in advance. Refunds will not be given to students who fail to show up for the program. Once a Yoga Teacher Training Participant arrives to our program location, your space in the program has been accounted for and therefore we cannot offer a refund for any reason. There will be no refunds offered for participants who leave our program after arrival. If a yoga teacher training participant leaves our program after arrival for any reason, the yoga teacher training participant is responsible for all arrangements and costs associated with travel and accommodation for their departure from our yoga teacher training program. 

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