100 hour Ayurveda Foundations Course

Ayurveda Foundations Course
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Dive deeper into the life transforming practices & philosophy of Ayurveda ONLINE in this in depth Ayurveda course.

with Jessica Kruse, Jasri Lambert & Jill Talve with special guest Dr.Ramkumar

dates – 4 weekend intensives

March 6, 7

March 20, 21

April 10, 11

Aril 24, 25

schedule – 7:00-8:00am: meditation/ 10am-5pm: classroom

*note: we will also have an orientation session from 5:30-7pm on Friday, March 5th

*all times are CST (central standard time)

location– online


$900 (early bird special first 5 students) / $1,100 (regular) / register here

contact: jessica@lavidaveda.ca

Our online sessions will be conducted via zoom. The teacher will email you 30-60 minutes before class starts to send the zoom link which you can use to access the live video. This link will be sent to the email address you enter on eventbrite or mindbody upon registration

This Ayurveda foundations course is for yoga teachers, life coaches, yoga practitioners, and anyone interested in transforming their life by diving deep into the science and lifestyle of Ayurveda.


– Digestion and Nutrition

– Ayurvedic Cooking with extra special Vegan Cooking & Baking Class

– Disease Pathology

– Dinacharya & Rutucharya (Daily & Seasonal routines for self-care)

– History and Philosophy of Ayurveda

– Ayurvedic lense on Yoga, meditation and pranayama

– Fundamental theory of the doshas, subdoshas and dhatus

– Psychology from an Ayurvedic Perspective

– Transformational Compassionate Inquiry communication

Yoga Nidra

– Customized yoga classes for balancing tridosha


– Ayurveda the science of self-healing by Dr. Lad

– Read the Introduction to Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook by Kate O’Donnell  (Introduction + Part 1, chapters 1-3)


– What to eat for how you feel by Divya Alter

– Ayurvedic Textbook Volume One – Dr. Vasant Lad


Ayurveda, Yoga’s sister science, is a timeless system of natural healing rooted in the ancient culture of India, potentially dating back 10, 000 years and incorporates but is not limited to nutrition, herbal medicine, lifestyle, routine, exercise, meditation, cleansing and rejuvenating practices and more!

It’s so much more than a mere system of treating illness and symptoms, Ayurveda is a holistic science of life (Ayur = life,Veda = science or knowledge), guiding us not only towards vibrant physical and mental health, but also deeper connection to our spiritual nature.

Ayurveda provides insight and guidance on how to optimize our vitality while realizing our dharma (life purpose) and full potential. With simple, seemingly strict, although quite adaptable guidelines on daily and seasonal routines, diet, conduct and correct use of our senses; this gentle yet firm mother of all sciences reminds us of this timeless definition of health, currently accepted by the WHO.


“Sama Dosha Sama Agnischa Sama Dhatu Mala Kriya Prasanna Aatma Indriya Manaha Swastha Iti Abhidheeyate”

– Sushruta sutra sthana, 15/41

Balanced doshas (combination of elements with certain functions), balanced digestion, balanced body systems, proper elimination, control of senses and desires, and a mind and soul in a state of bliss….that is a healthy person.

– Sushruta sutra sthana, 15/41 loose translation

Now more than ever, we are in need of preventative lifestyles to keep ourselves and our communities as healthy as possible. In this eight week series, learn how to tailor your nutrition and preventative self-care to your specific needs, and to the needs of your family.

Wellness is not one size fits all, and this program will help you to learn how to listen to and understand the signals in your mind and body sin order to be proactive in your health. You’ll come out transformed with not only new wisdom, recipes and lifestyle practices, but a new mindset to find daily balance.

With a solid framework of Ayurveda and deep understanding of your personal constitution and the diet and lifestyle to suite it, you’ll have so much fun discovering the art of Ayurveda by creating your unique healthy life through cooking, routines, aromatherapy, colour therapy, sound therapy, meditation, breath work, self massage, and so much more.


All classes are based on the popular book Ayurveda the Science for Self Healing and the Textbook of Ayurveda Vol. One, by Dr. Vasant Lad the Founder of the Ayurvedic Institute. 


Week 1: The basics of Ayurveda, The Cause of Disease and Suffering, and Your Ayurvedic Constitution 

Week 2: Constitution, Personality, The mind, and the Nature of Your Imbalances 

– optional materials: Neti Pot, Fine Sea Salt 

Week 3: Healing Your Life Through Diet 

– optional materials: Tongue Scraper 

Week 4: Healing Your Life Through Touch and the Healing Rhythms of Daily Life 

– optional materials: Massage Oil

Week 5: Healing Your Life Through Aromatherapy and Vision

– optional materials: Eye wash cup and Rose Hydrosol for Eye wash, essential oils and spray bottle for aromatherapy mist

Week 6: Healing Your Life Through Sound and Final Q & A

– no supplies needed for this class

Ayurveda Foundations Course
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