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Balancing Your Mind & Body with Ayurvedic Wisdom of Gemstones & Colours

  La Vida Veda Ayurveda  |  

We don’t know exactly how these gemstones work. They seem to be able to strengthen & nourish a person with their corresponding planetary energy,…

Abhyanga ~ Ayurveda Warm Oil Massage

  La Vida Veda Ayurveda  |  

Many people ask me, what is the difference between Abhyaṅga Warm Oil Massage and other techniques such as Swedish or Sports Massage? Western techniques…

Ojas: Boosting Immunity through Seasonal Practices

  La Vida Veda Ayurveda  |  

Ojas: Boosting Immunity through Seasonal Practices The transition from summer to fall is a time to expect cooler days and nights, sudden cold bursts…